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Originally Posted by rantarM3 View Post
All you have to do is wrap a rag all the way around the housing before you open it up. That will catch any oil that spills out.

I have also seen numerous posts indicating the torque for the filter cover to be 25 Nm. However, I printed out the procedure and torque specs from TIS and it states 40 Nm for the filter cover. My car is a very late 2011 so perhaps the filter housing cover was changed.

Lastly, I vacuumed out the oil in the filter housing with a 100 cc plastic syringe ( I then measured all of the oil that I had drained and came up with right around 8.8 liters. Prior to the change the oil level indicator read at 1/8 below max. After the change, it's reading 1/4 above min (this is after ~120 miles of driving since the oil change). I recall that after my prior oil change, the indicator read low but after a week or so, popped up to 1/8 below max. But I also recall that 9 liters had been poured in. I really hate this electronic dip stick! I'll give it till next week to see where it ends up.
the torque of 40nm seems high to me. It was 25nm on my m5. Wonder why they changed it?