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Originally Posted by Optherion View Post
I am going to venture out and say you have never built a motor on your own. Between constantly checking tolerances and every bolt and clearances, it is absolutely better when one person does it. Ive built a few motors myself for hot rods and it is definitely a love affair for me.

You have obviously forgot about German brands and they're pride. It might be marketing, but its also a sense of pride to say something is handmade. When was the last time you hand built anything and signed your name on it with pride.
Seems pretty obvious you are speaking to me so I'll reply.

I have built motors by hand, myself but only very simple single cylinder ones contrasted with any modern multiple cylinder automobile engine.

Human error is a huge factor in any process and that is why industrial, manufacturing and reliability engineers prefer to remove them from the process. Your point only helps mine, it does not provide an argument against it.

I understand German manufacturing pride just as well as American manufacturing pride, thank you very much. I know dozens of engineers from both countries and I am a (recovering) Mechanical Engineer myself. I've done design, manufacturing engineering, tolerance studies, test engineering, test and assembly tooling design, assembly automation, fatigue/static/dynamic testing, thermal testing, physics based product simulation, product data management and on and on. Perhaps ask others involved in the discussion their relevant professional experience... Although I don't do any of that professionally any longer I continue to build a great deal of things with my hands. I don't sign my name on them but you can be assured there is an enormous degree of pride and perfection in the things I build, it's simply my nature.

Any other questions?
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