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Originally Posted by pbonsalb View Post
That would make sense if you prefer driving a Civic to a BMW. Some people like to drive beaters while they preserve their M3 for its next owner. I would not buy it if I did not drive it.
I drive all of my cars, hard! I don't want a garage queen (except maybe the Dinan E34 that only gets about 2-3k miles a year). Each car has their place...this said I need a daily driver and do would not want it to be a civic/accord.

Originally Posted by SamS View Post
Or if you prefer spending $350 a month on gas instead of $100. Or taking your your "nice" "rare" car to a lot everyday where it gets bashed by car doors, shit on by birds, peed on by bums and occasionally might get keyed. Then, ya.. you should definitely get a Dinan M5 as a daily. And pray like a mofo it doesn't break down when you really need to be at work that day.
Funny enough I have an Accord, and it takes me to ballgames and tight parking lots, where door dings and birds can have at it. A civic/accord is not going to meet my DD needs/desires. And if the S3 were to break down I have a few other choices in the stable.

Originally Posted by klammer View Post
You my friend need lessons in sophistry Look it up... the true origin of the law profession, might be inspirational. Keep the M3.
Sohistry = "subtly deceptive reasoning or argumentation", my wife is an engineer and pretty perceptive, I may need to go back and get a law degree ;-)

This all said, I just got a new set of tires on the E92 yesterday, and may need to keep it for a little while longer...but then again...