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Some advice...

Requirement: Know the limitations of your skills and your vehicle. Do not go all out if you are not experience!!

Steps to having a great time at a track...

1. Scope the track/road at low/normal speeds
2. Determine the risk factors of the track/road
3. Determine a safe cornering and speed
4. Execute your first run at a safe speed
5. Increase your speed gradually on the sections where your vehicle has the most control and grip on the road
6. Exercise wear and tear of your vehicles tires and adjust driving accordingly
7. Practice good breaking technique
8. Practice mature seating posture
9. Practice stable steering wheel grip (Do not over grip, one hand, or loose hold)
10. Know your gears and it's shifting points
11. Always wear a seatbelt/safety hardness
12. Never attempt a maneuver on a track you haven't done at low speeds on a flat wide surface
13. Practice, Practice, Practice

Feel bad for the car, the owner made so many mistakes... His car was SOL when he put on the camera and hit the gas to show of to the masses...