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Originally Posted by TTSam View Post

I am so glad to hear you are finally getting your car next week.

It has been a very long time in coming, and I have no idea how you were able to be patient and last this long.

Enjoy the car - you deserve it. We all want to hear how it goes and to see pics of course.

Regarding this thread - I lusted for an M car since the very first model appeared back in my youth.

I have owned two P Cars a Ferrari, and an Aston Martin DB9; and one of the best cars of all time (which I am sure nobody here has ever heard of) Fiat Strada.

Love the P cars - loved the Ferrari - the Aston was incredible.............

But none of these beat the current M3 in a naturally aspirated form, as a do everything daily car for all seasons.
Wow, that's high praise! How kewl!!!

Thanks Sam!!!

Yeah, it will have been 9 months since I first put in an order... It was really hard to wait, especially after that meet we had in March. Spring was pretty bad. (I was originally supposed to get it in April.) But I had always hoped I could time its arrival after the mortgage was done with... The 2013 model year allowed me to do that. I am so, so excited now. Car should arrive (at the dealership) approx. Monday. WOOT!
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