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Originally Posted by King335i View Post
As some of the more intelligent people in this thread have noted, the only way an E92 M3 can hang with a CTS-V is to slap a supercharger on it, not to mention all the other requisite mods to support it. CTS-V comes from the factory ready to dominate M3s, C63s, E60 M5s. I don't even take interest when I see M3s anymore, simply too slow. Anyone who discounts the CTS-V simply because it is a Cadillac or because it is an American car is pretty obviously insecure, or a brand whore. Hey haters, try growing a hairy pair and learning to appreciate all cars. Then again, I know it can be threatening when a car with a 556 horsepower supercharged LSA, and Magnetorheological shocks outperforms yours so drastically, all the while costing less
Is it possible that you could be a bit frustrated in life because you did'nt had the money for a F10 M5!?

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the question is if a stock CTS-V could hang with him!