Thread: My 335I Rant
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My 335I Rant

Im more of a lurker then a poster on forums unless its to give props to some well done cars. However some post from SOME 335I owners bugs the $hit outta me. Like this one
Originally Posted by Bash View Post
You're kidding right? Without a blower none of the M3s will touch the CTSV stock let alone modded and I don't care how many bolts on you have. I rape non supercharged M3s all day and i drive a 3 series 335. Lol
Im not calling this one member out, it's just an example and theres plenty others with this attutide.

I just want to get this out there.

So what if your MODDED 335I might be faster in a straight line? You think if we can afford our M3s that we couldn't get a 335I or something even faster in a straight if we wanted to? Maybe we wanted our M3s cause it has one of the BEST N/A V8s out there, laps tracks faster, handles better, brakes better, steers better, looks better, SOUNDS 10x better and has a superior transmission DCT & 6MT then your 335I. So thanks for keeping us informed that you car might be faster then ours.

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