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I was about twelve at the time when I truly fell in love with BMW ///M. I just got the Car and Driver magazine I ordered for a school fundraiser. In it was one of the first reviews for the e9x m3. After reading it I absolutely fell in love with the m brand. I was about 13 at the time and I saw my first e9x m3 parked on the streets of Chicago. I was learning the difference of e9x and e46 at the time fueled by the Bugatti vs m3 video on YouTube and I thought e46 and e9x pertained to engine size and not body style. When I was 14 my uncle gave me the keys to his 328i and told me to have fun in our businesses parking lot. Due to it being empty and me being 14 I decided to turn that parking lot into a track. To this day I'm still surprised my dad in the passenger seat didn't tell me to stop. That day sealed the deal on BMW's for me and the rest is history.