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Like many others I have always appreciated nice cars. The rest of my family have Mercedes and for the longest time I figured that is the route I would go too (I still do really like the Mercs). However, my friend's dad has a 2002 m3 convertible and we went for a drive in it a few years back and I realized I'd be quite happy with a bmw. I snagged a 2006 e90 325i 2 years ago and after mulling it over decided I wanted to upgrade. I bought a 2011.5 e90 ZCP m3 at the beginning of August and had it shipped from the east coast to my dad's place while I was in Europe on vacation. I got back this past weekend and only saw the car in person/drove it for the first time this Monday. That first drive to work was all it took. I could not be any happier!