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Originally Posted by Team Plutonium View Post
Awesome video! Thanks Mike! Oh, and thanks for tagging me as one of the most notorious client at iND.
Anytime, Philip - it was my pleasure! And I only speak the truth! Not often that a client comes down for a week at a time to get car surgery done...let alone THREE TIMES.

Originally Posted by mamadub View Post
I don't even know what to say! Philip and Chris, your cars are just amazing. For a minute there Philip, I thought iND was playing favorites because Chris had a video and you didn't.....until I read a few more posts! Great write up too Nate!
Haha yeah I can see how it looked that way...hopefully Philip's vid can just be added to the original post!

Originally Posted by klammer View Post
Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Yin/yang was perfect, you get that idea from my tattoo Great meeting and hanging, next time you guys are coming into the city
So when does your car get a video? Track season is winding down already
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