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Originally Posted by JoM3z
As a kid I watched my neighbor clean and work on his E30 M3 every week. He was a close friend of my father and one day asked if I wanted to help him wash his car in return he'd pay me $20. I would have gladly done it for free, but hey $20 bucks, I'll take it. At that moment I knew I wanted to own one. Back then we didn't have Google, I was armed with Netscape and WebCrawler. I searched for photos and printed them out on my fathers BubbleJet Color printer. I had pictures of the E30 M3 Sport Evolution all over my wall. I was set and had a goal. Few years after college I was fortunate enough to purchase my first E46 M3, but that was short lived. The car was my daily driver and that consisted of me driving my mom. Seeing it's a 2 door and she is at age, having her constantly get in and out of the car didn't make sense.

I had to sell the M3 and opted for a 330i. Life throws you many curve balls, the M3 and I never rekindled. Eventually sold the 330i and went a year without a car. I eventually decided to jump on a 4 door 335i. Went to my local BMW dealer, met with a sales rep. and ask if I can test drive one of their 335i. Right of the bat the guy gave me the run arounds, wasn't helpful at all. Even ask if I can afford one, maybe it was how I was dressed. Yankee fitted, white Ts, sweats and my Air Max 95 gave him false impression that I was young, who knows. At that point I was irritated and just left. On my way home I saw a Lexus dealership and decided to stop by. The sales guy was very helpful and due to my frustration with the BMW dealership, well I eventually drove off with an IS350.

But there is still that void of owning an M car that an IS350 or any other car could not fill. Years passed and I heard BMW was planning on releasing a 4 door M3, I was sooooo excited. No more compromising, my mom and everyone else can ride in my car with out an issue. I was ready to trade in my IS350, when again life throws a curve ball. Got engaged and planned on getting married in the next coming year. My wife now promised after the wedding I can plan on trading in the car for the M3. Being responsible husband that I am opted to purchase a condo instead.

I would constantly visit the forums read up on articles about the M3 and one day my wife took notice. Finally she tells me, "Hun why don't you get your car" I simply replied "Why where we going?" she laughed and says no I mean get your M3 Wait what? Months and months of searching, old flame sparked and that love finally rekindled. That same feeling I got when I was 14 is now happening, 19 years later.

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Awesome story and beautiful ride! Why didn't you end up with the e90 though as you said you loved it?
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