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Originally Posted by bm11 View Post

The video showed 5 minutes, but it took me around 2 hours. I would get it 90% done and then find out that something or other wouldn't fit together so I would take it all back apart and start over. In the end I got it, but the fit is not perfect. The whole system doesn't line up quite right with the airbox so the system is placing torque on the lid which causes a small amount of separation between the lid and the box in the area around the connection.

Does anyone think this will be an issue? My biggest concern would be heat soak offsetting the marginal gains this system offers. The box is sealed all the way around the edge except for a small opening around 3 inches in front and behind where the filter portion meets the box. It also causes a gap in the upper and lower portion of the box where it forms an opening to meet with the snorkel, but the rubber portion of the snorkel covers most of it.

Could it be a fitment issue with the 2012 e92's? Or maybe it is just the nature of the beast. I like the sound, but am considering selling this kit off because it doesn't fit my car 100%.


Hate to say it, but this, or any intake "system" is a colossal waste of money. Just get a nice filter for $99 and call it a day.
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