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08 and 09 M3s have the same TPMS. These sensors are the same as some of the earlier BMW/Mini's used that had TPMS.

The 10-12 M3s used a new sensor that was not compatible with the others. Several users have reported the lack of compatibility between the 10+ sensors and the 08-09 sensors. Not all BMWs changed over in 2010, but the 3 series and Mini both changed. 1, 5 and 7 series were still using the old sensors.

For 2011 the lineup generally switched to the new sensors, although there are some mid-year splits where early models still got the old sensors.

For 2013 the 3 series are now using a new sensor. I expect the rest of the lineup will be changing over soon, maybe in late 13, or maybe in 14 or later.

It may take a while for the car to 'realize' it has the wrong sensors. When you first bolt the wheels on, you will probably not get an error. If you drive for only 10 min short trips, it may never come on. If you drive for a sustained length of time with the wrong sensors, the light will almost always come on.

Information from the previous owner is NOT always accurate. I have dealt with several cases where the seller swore the sensors were for a certain year, and they were incorrect (whether knowingly or not). Also if a car is a late/early build from around the time of a change, they may not have the sensors expected for that model year.
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