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Originally Posted by STALKER View Post
I do agree the RS3s have more grip, but would not say the NT05 is like a all season tire compared to them.
To make it even harder, Ohlins R&T should be out soon as well.
You are correct, I exaggerated a little bit there

Agreed, the Ohlins R&T are coming out and I was told MCS is coming out with a high end one way damper too.

Originally Posted by rldzhao View Post
In this case, I think you will definitely appreciate being able to independently adjust compression and rebound. It's really not that hard assuming you can drive more or less consistently and feel the car. I can send you an adjustment flow chart from Allan Staniforth's "Competition Car Suspension".
I lap within the same second assuming I'm not hooning and there is no traffic but I am however completely clueless when it comes to adjusting the suspension.

For example: I had my V3s set at KWs recommended starting point settings. It felt fine to me, on both the street and the track so I never adjusted them.

Could I benefit from adjusting them one way or another? Most likely. I just have no clue.

I absolutely cannot tell if I need more or less rebound or more or less compression nor if I could benefit from either adjustment...

I understand what each does, on paper. But I cannot "feel".

And from talking to fellow track buddies it seems a lot of us are in that boat.

This is actually turning out to be the main thing that draws me to the RS1. High end damper but with a single knob for simplicity's sake.

Originally Posted by Beedub View Post
interestly my z4m set were over 2k in GBP so like 3400 bucks..... i know pricing is different all over the world but for me these were by no means the cheaper choice. i researched them, rode in a car with them, spoke to kw over and over again...... in the end i made my order.
I'm from Europe so I know what you mean!
And an E92 M3 in the UK MSRPs at around 55k GBP which is over $85k converted in USD (US MSRP is $62k) //off topic

Originally Posted by klammer View Post
Great thread with some good insights. Guess I'm in a slightly different boat as I plan (plans change) on paying up for a more comfortable street option coilover and that's where I think the JRZ shines in my case. Would agree with others that a dramatic difference in lap times probably doesn't exist (although it might) but comfort on the street does. I'm trying to build a true dual performer that can go on road trips and out to dinner and hang with vettes, vipers, gt-r's and gt-3's (not too worried about much else) I believe it's this true dual purpose that costs a premium and that's where I'm looking for value in the set-up... But that's just me...
KW V3s fit your exact needs if you ask me!