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While I have no hard numbers to back this up I'll have to disagree with the good doctor! That may be true of the general population on this forum, but I think the overall population would prefer the power seats. The simplest test is to look at the population of manual transmission buyers on this board, much higher than in the general population. Just like the DCT significantly outsells the manual tranny in the M3 world, I suspect most would take the power seats as well. I don't disagree with the arguments against power seats, that's not the issue. But if we took identical cars, one with power seats and one without and were to try and sell it to the general population (not this forum with all the hard core enthusiasts), I suspect most select the power seats for the convenience factor.

Given that my wife has never driven my M3, I have no need for them either but they were part of a package so they came. That in it self is another factor. Again the hard core enthusiasts want to minimize the bells and whistles (and potential for problems they bring) but most of the average joe's like the creature comforts.

At the end of the day both my view and HeartMD's are just speculation as I doubt anyone has any real data to back up either claim! Just enjoy what you have...
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