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Originally Posted by coolguy111
Hey guys,

I tried looking through the threads to find relevant information, but kind of got overwhelmed. Don't know much about modding, wheels, etc... so any help would be appreciated.

I recently purchased a set of used hre p40 for my 2011 e92 m3 but the sponsor was not entirely sure if TPMS was already on the wheels (the wheels were off the previous owners car for a while). How can I check if the p40's came with TPMS?

If the wheels did infact have TPMS, how would I know if they were compatible with my 2011 car? If they weren't, would I have to purchase OEM TPMS or aftermarket ones? Thanks

If someone could give me some info, that'd be great!

I'm guessing there are still tires on the car since you can't tell if there is TPMS installed.

One way to find out is remove a tire off one if the wheels. If it is there, check the frequency as THE TECH said and see if it matches your car.

Another is put the wheels or just one on your car and see if your car picks any signal up.

Lastly, I don't know how they configure the valve stem holes on HRE but the TPMS valves have a very specific stem. If you could take a pic, I could TRY to look at it and tell if it sticks out enough.
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