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Originally Posted by sTo0p_Ed View Post
jphughan, thank you very much for taking your time for that write up. That reallyvhelped me out a lot. I'm actually flying in with a couple buddies for the weekend. And we weren't looking for any of those fancy hotel. Not planning to be spending a lot of time in the hotel so just a decent place would do. The Craiglist option does sounds like a good idea. I have to look into it. What cities or towns are nearby that we can also look Into ? We''ll probably end up renting a car to get around.
Austin doesn't really have any cities nearby because it's pretty large itself -- the Downtown area is small, but the city overall is pretty big. Plenty of surrounding towns, but not really much that'd be worth going out of your way for. If you're looking at hotels that list a city other than Austin as their location, it's almost certainly farther away than you'd want to be staying.

But if you don't mind driving, Lockhart is a bit down south and has lots of great "traditional" BBQ places -- as in, you walk right up to the smoke pit, tell them how much of each meat you want in weight, they cut it and toss it straight onto a tray for you, then you can get bread, pickles, and onions at the front if you want to bother with those things, silverware is optional and plates are non-existent.

San Marcos is also farther down south and is known for outlets if you want to shop for stuff, and it's also home to Gruene Hall if you want to go Texas two-steppin'. Also down near there is Schlitterbahn, one of the country's premier water parks -- but I'm not sure they'll be open that time of year.
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