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Originally Posted by mrkhanna16 View Post
Why does everyone hate on young M3 drivers? Why can't we all just get along and embrace the M brand together? Please discuss why you hate young M3 drivers.....You will soon realize that the people that hate on kids are the actual kids. LOL
No "hate" here. I know you are young from your other posts but all I'll say is give it 10-15 years and you will understand. As you get out into life and earn your own keep (assuming you will have to) and just experience life you begin to understand why it's not a good mix to have a 16 year old drive a car that is this expensive or fast. It's not hate, it's reality. I could care less if some kid hurts himself but you realize how these young drivers are a danger to others (you, your family, your friends) and that's where the hate comes from.

That being said this is America so people can spend money on what they want. I'm also sure there are plenty of exceptions to the rule so for those young drivers who exercise caution and paid for their own ride...great job!
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