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Originally Posted by System Of A... View Post
Of course nobody wants to LOOK like the jealous kind of person. The safety aspect is used as an excuse to hate on the more fortunate. Just because you drove a shitbucket at age 18 doesn't mean everyone else has to as well.

Anyone can drive an M3 if they are mature, have common sense and a few years of sport car driving experience under their belt. I lemoned my 335 at age 18 (having it for 3 years) and got an M3 at 19. No accidents (just alot of tickets). Its not a can easily acquire an M3 for less than 50k, perhaps even 45k.

The ultimate goal in working hard all these years is to be able to provide for our children in the future. And if my future son shows signs of maturity and is ready to handle a sport car you best believe I will buy him whatever is financially feasible for me to obtain.

The less butthurt envious 40+ year olds the better, bro

Whoever is actually worried about public safety, my comments don't apply to you.
Well thanks.

How did you drive a 335i at 15?