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Originally Posted by dmk08 View Post
Because you made it seem like saving 70k is easy. Even for people making 200-300k a year saving 70k of liquid isn't normally easy. Just sayin'.
No I didn't, you're just misinterpreting a number I produced from a internet inflation calculator where the base number itself originated from the topic of discussion. I never once stated that saving 70K is easy, my point simply was that the difficulty in saving 70k today is notably different than that in saving 70k 15 years ago, which is the number I'm using in this discussion to compensate for the age difference. 70k is obtained from the value of the car, and the elderly in this thread are discussing the difficulty of saving the amount of an M3, so I bridged the two differences and used them as a placeholding fact for the discussion at hand. If anyone has any hard and accurate facts, I welcome the opportunity to disprove or edit anything I've said.

Now, I need to find a way to not get quote notifications for this thread, or I'll keep reading it and responding.

Edit: BTW, if this didn't make sense, don't worry, I'm running on an extreme lack of sleep so I might have not stated everything in my head down "on paper" correctly.