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Originally Posted by tibra1 View Post
Ok I gotta does a 17 year old pay for an M3?... used I could see it..but new or late model?...genuinely curious
They don't. Mommy and Daddy buy it for them. The problem isn't the kids, it is their parents. What car enthusiast teenager wouldn't want an M3?

The parents need to teach their kids the value of money, and the satisfaction that comes with having earned something for yourself. No matter how much money you have, these types of lessons will be invaluable in life. The purpose of parenting is to prepare your children to deal with adult life, not to hand them material excess on a silver platter.

Even if you are wealthy, and your kid is a car enthusiast, how about something along the lines of a Civic Si? Something that shows a little discipline that is necessary for this age.

There was a post a while back from a college kid who was given an M3 by his parents. He claimed that he "worked hard in school and got good grades". I told him to go into a BMW dealership and ask for an M3 because he got good grades. Never heard a peep out of him after that.
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