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Originally Posted by GeeRam
Originally Posted by mob17 View Post
Anyways, as one forum member pointed out, there's no point in continuing this discussion as I, or you, have strong beliefs and i will consistantly be labelled as crazy.
Sorry mate, you really arn't playing with a full deck on this.

For a start you are crediting Govt's (all of them) with far too much intelligence..... and I can assure you they are far from that.

Most Govt's around the world are in shit street as they can't manage their way out of a wet paper bag let alone staging unbelievably complicated acts of organisation the like of which your suggesting, and without it leaking to the press......yeah right!
Maybe, you could be right. Obviously no one really knows for sure But i have my opinion just like you guys have yours.

Thats a nice note to leave it on isnt it?