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Originally Posted by JSpira View Post
Based on the OP's original post, it doesn't remotely sound as if he were planning an ED trip when he wrote it.

Regardless, I am curious if the lease agreement limits where the automobile may be operated. Since the (very same) lease agreement is in force for European Deliveries while the car is in Europe, and I don't recall seeing any exclusions, I tend to doubt it but I am not looking at the current agreement right now so I'm just guessing.

This may be something outside of the lease agreement, however, in that the shipper could demand (and apparently has demanded) that the lessor has the righth to export the car, even temporarily.
From what I've read BMW has to provide me with a paper allowing the car to get out of the country for a limited period.

Originally Posted by JSpira View Post
Are you prepared to be without the car for 6-8 weeks minimum before you go to Europe and the same period after you return from your trip?

Yeah... That's the price to pay . But since I'm leasing that will help me save some kilometers that I can then spend during the trip

Originally Posted by attbimmer View Post
I did a similar trip with a friend. He shipped his GT3 to Germany for the summer. I just went for 10 days with him and rented a new Porsche from Avis for myself. It was an amazing trip!

I don't remember the exact shipping costs, but they were more then I expected. For just a month i think it might still be cheaper to rent when considering all costs. When i went 2 years ago it cost my ~180 euros per day for a new 911 or panamera. If shipping your own car, it has to be owned out right. If you are interested in more details let me low and i will get them from my friend.

180E per day sound very cheap for a 911. I'm curious to see where you've rented it, and the shipping costs for your friend.

For now, the cheapest estimation for shipping was 850$ from Baltimore to Amsterdam. That doesn't include insurance, port delivery fees, and that's very far away from where I live . I had another quote for 1500$ from Montreal to Rotterdam, which is handier, + 500euros of port fees in Rotterdam. + insurance.