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Originally Posted by Nine View Post
Show me a humble rich kid, and I will promise you everyone will like him.

If you're fortunate enough to have someone buy you a car like this, recognize that and reflect it in your behavior and comments. Being knowledgeable and a true enthusiast will help anyone's case, too.

I'm 34 with 2 kids (and one on the way) and it was a dream come true to recently buy an '08 M3. Never thought I'd get into a car like this so soon. My last car was an '05 Mazda 3s hatch that I drove for seven years, if that tells you anything. My first car was an '86 Camry (at least it had a manual transmission!). When most people here work hard and save to get an M3, you can understand their bias when some "kid" gets one given to them.

That said, any kid who's humble and shows respect to the community, is going to get that same respect back.
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