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Need advice about $ management

My dad passed away and my mother is overwhelmed with investments and real estate. I want to help her but I feel like she has bills or maybe some descent sized invests that she doesn't want me to know about. I searched online wealth management or financial planner but it gives me investments or debt management. Basically my goal since my mom wants to do this alone is send her to someone that can look at all her $ and clean up. For example she is paying a small balance of our old condo for 3 years now that steadily losing $. I think she should get rid of it which would be a loss or short sale but she thinks the market will come back. She thinks she will be able to sell it in 5 years and get her money back or break even. I need someone to figure out her best decisions managing her $ since she wont let me be involved. Should i go to a bank or is there a specific kind of business that specifically helps with this? I am assuming banker want to invest money which is not the purpose im looking for. Thanks for any input...