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Originally Posted by quickv3 View Post
I'm still drooling over your E92. We spoke on the phone a while back, I am the guy that has the E46 that I "was" looking to sell (changed my mind on it). I'm still interested in your car, but am not at the point where I'm "ready to pull the trigger" just yet. It is sick tho. Why are you now selling both this and I saw now you are selling the Evo...?? Sorry to get all personal, as I know it's really none of my business, more of curiosity really than anything else. Is the M3 still being daily driven at this point?
No the M3 is not daily driven. Honestly I am selling both to buy an e46 M3 as a daily driver now and a GT3 down the road. Feel free to send me a text at 5053795923 to discuss if you'd like. I may pull the trigger on an e46 as soon as today, but if you want to work out something where I buy your car and you buy mine id be happy to talk about it. Thanks.
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