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Having some very vested interest in the future of the UK and US, I'll chime in... Plus, I'm fairly experienced in this particular debate - I think.

Originally Posted by mob17 View Post

It might not make you realise that America is fabricating everything, but it might make some of you patriots think again. Actually, no it wont, i dont really have much belief in you. You're helpless. It just might help out normal Americans.
What are "normal Americans"? Are those the ones that are typically put down for never having left the States or not being accustomed to dealing with diversity beyond what they experience within the country? Or, by "normal" are those the smaller fraction which have very global lifestyles - living, working and playing around the world regularly? Because, much like different classes and persons in any country, their world views will be very different on these topics.

I think it's important to state that one doesn't have to be some hick from rural WV to fall into one belief or the other relative to the wars and politics. Nor, does one need to have never left the Midlands, though feels culturally entitled to opinions on France and others, to have equally xenophobic beliefs about things over there. Agree?

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America has long been a supporter of placing dictators that are on their payroll throughout the world. Gaddaffi a classic example. Afghan president another. Pakistan president another. THIS IS THEIR STRATEGY.
Who has a long standing history of supporting/disposing/placing/killing global dictators/leaders/people throughout the world? Hm? It's funny how if we walk down a city street here, often the Brits will comment on the lack of 'history' or how recent everything seems; though, when convenient, we will address the US' "long" history of something or another and conveniently forget much of European history. (Yes, your island is part of Europe. Deal.)


I've lived and worked all over. Not many places nor peoples are all that different.

This was fun. It was like a weekend in the Lake Dist with my Brit ex-in-laws, minus the medicinal chugging of wifebeater to dull the pain.

Well... off to the airport. I hope there isn't anyone there that doesn't look/sound/think/act like me...