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Wow you really do have a complete disdain for the US Government don't you? At this point it isn't even worth debating with you as no amount of factual information will make a damn bit of sense to you, yet you accuse everyone else of being blind to the truth? How about being blind to lies?

Face it, you've got a bit of a bias going on there. The US Government might not be the nicest bunch of fellas you'll ever meet, but when the next Hitler, Stalin, etc. comes on the world stage, we're sure gonna need those evil doers that are the USofA.

Do you even have a modicum of understanding of how much damage a fully fueled Boeing 767-200 can do to a steel/concrete structure? Do you have any idea how long it would take to prep a building the size of the WTC for demolition? You then have to multiply that by 2, then you have to take into account that said buildings were occupied by 1000s of employees. It takes weeks and I do mean weeks to do so, yet during the entire time the WTC was being prepped for demolition not one person happened to notice something odd going on? Not one person bothered to say, "Why are you strapping explosives to that steel beam?"

You honestly think that the US is the only country to set-up puppet dictators as you call them to support their foreign policy? You need to study your own history a bit and a bit of world history too. America is not the only country guilty of such actions and they won't be the last.

Someone needs to adjust their meds.
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