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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Not even sure this is worth addressing. You can't be serious about 0.01 microns. That is about 4x10^-7 inches! You've lost quite a bit of credibility with that statement. What part of the previous discussion about single digit, i.e. a couple of microns did you miss? This is the best that the best can do today with top of the line precision machinery. This stuff will be orders of magnitude more accurate than what any first year engineering students at ANY school will have access to.

It's sure is easy to type BS with no supporting evidence rather than explain your argument...
I won't correct my post. Sorry, I meant 0.01 mm. I would definitely lose credibility with my previous statement. That being said, I am not sure if using hand assembly somewhere in the process would result in a better engine, but would result in a cooler one for sure!
On another side note:

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