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Originally Posted by Northern X5M View Post
What were the times and the trap speeds of the 2 cars for this race?
It does seem odd that the M3 pulled on the V that hard especially after the V finally hooked.
Also, a 650hp V is pretty minor bolt ons.

There was a 700hp V Coupe at my track last year that couldn't break out of the 12's cause it couldn't hook for shit even with DR's.
2 things I'm seeing here ......1 the M is DCT and lighter " major advantage "
2 the CtsV is manul " disadvantage " & heavier .
Originally Posted by ultimateendz View Post
I can tell you right now that hennessey is absolute garbage, he lies about all of his ratings as the caddy forums have caught him lying a few times. Considering this was a VF650 kit i expected that beating, trap speeds will tell a better story too...but the caddy is only making at best 500-510whp so comparable?....not so much as the M3 has way more whp. If the VF650 wants a comparable race then he should run a D3 car. My V has a 2.9L whipple, valvetrain, and cam right now putting down almost 700whp running rich to redline. the race would be the other way around if i ran that. But the VF650 is impressing me alot....wonder if its faster than the ESS 650
are you by any chance the gentleman that called out a few cars in the New York area ? One being a GTR ? The gentleman that you spoke to name is Dru ? If I disregard

But hey I wouldn't mind running your CTSV ... You Game ?