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Originally Posted by 128vertinnoho View Post
Obama is endorsing ads that are blatant lies? I don't think so!
Are you being purposefully obtuse? Or are you delusional? I'm a little new to these forums but i'm noticing a pattern with your posts. You generally act like a child with an Obama flag. I get it, you're a die hard partisan. That's great.

On topic. Both sides will stretch the truth or falsify subjects. The worst i've seen are from the super PAC on the Obama side and Biden himself. Some of those ads/speeches are simply pulled out of thin air and have nothing to do with anything Romeny has done. Unfortunately for the Obama compaign nobody is on the same page and it's really starting to show. Stephanie Cutter, Jen Psaki, Jim Messina need to be fired and it's still not to late to replace Biden.

I'll post this:

The ad has been called out by Ron Haskins for mis information. Who's also a Republican.

On a side note does anyone have the new federal requirements that are in Obamas reform plan?

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