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Originally Posted by lorinzo View Post
When I was looking to purchase, there were several new models on the lot that the dealer had already installed the M exhaust.

Don't want to burst any bubbles, but, the proposed mods are not going to bring much in the way of increased hp.

Both of the proposed mods are simple bolt ons. There will likely be a difference in sound but increased hp is minimal and something I doubt you will notice.

For these reasons: why wait?
It is exactly because there is minimal hp gain that you should wait.

If, hypothetically speaking, a street legal exhaust added 50hp, then I would say go for it from day one. Because it adds nothing in terms of power, that is the reason to wait and see how you feel about the stock exhaust so you can then decide whether it is worth spending $2, 3, 4, 5k just for better sound. And remember too, that this better sound almost always come with some degree of drone at lower rpms.

The point is that you lose nothing by waiting just a short while, and have really everything to gain. The converse isn't true.
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