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Originally Posted by Alex07M3 View Post
If the exhaust note is something important for you then the GT-R is probably not a good car for you, as for the M3, plenty of exhausts have real nice sound but for me the best set-up would be the M Performance with a test pipe! For now I have a Corsa which sound exeptionally good but I always prefer OEM parts.

As for the VT1-535, I've seen some DCT M3s running mid 11s at 125+mph on street tires, I don't know about you, but for me that's fast enough. In fact, I just received my VT1, I'll probably install it next week, my car is manuel so I wont be as fast but that will be enough for me, it's not like the car is slow in stock form so 150 more ponys with the test pipe I'm planning to put should be more then enough!

Also, I have Eibach springs with 255/295 AD08s on ZCPs and I could'nt ask for a better ride for a DD, If your'e planning to track a lot, then maybe coilovers and a brake upgrade would be nice but If like me you only track once or twice a year, I woul'nt change the stock ones as they are perfect in the streets and good enough at the track! GL with the project!
Great post, thanks. I sure wish I could ride in a car that has a SC in it.... it would help a lot. No idea who has one in Toronto Ontario.

255/295s - that has increased your stagger. Did you notice the understeer increase?

I'll watch for your thread on your review on the SC.
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