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That's one way to put it. The other side of buyer's remorse is when you realize you spent ~$4k on a set of RS1 and $2.8k KW CS are just as fast

There's a sizeable price gap here. I was happy with the $2k V3s with GC street plates but I'm willing to try something new/different. I'm also OK with spending more but I don't want to ever wonder where my money went. So basically if I do spend that much more I want a setup that's going to be noticeably faster and better out of the box.

I appreciate everybody's input but so far it seems that everybody who favors JRZ doesn't actually have any experience with the RS1 (yes yes the RS and RS Pro are awesome, apples to oranges).

STALKER, who does have experience said they are much faster but he also switched from NT05s to R-S3s at the same time he switched suspensions. So that throws everything off, tires are a HUGE variable. Having personally tracked both tires; the NT05 is decent but feels like an all season when compared to the R-S3

I apologize if I'm ranting. It's just frustrating to have to rely on hearsay when you're contemplating spending that much money. I wish we could just try suspension setups like helmets or seats.

Thanks everyone.