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Originally Posted by dogbone
Wait? Are you crazy?? Better get the crack addiction going now. At least get some painted reflectors to start you down the path of destruction. Then it will be angel eyes, then it will be grills, gills and hood vents, then it will be a tint job, then it will be lowering springs, then it will be intake, then it will be exhaust, then it will be camber plates, then it will be coding a few things, then it will be coding a few more things, then it will be pulleys, then it will be a tune, then it will be the steering wheel, then it will be a lip, then it will be custom paddle shifters, then it will be a diffuser, then it will cost you your girlfriend, then the fun really begins because you'll have more disposable income and that damn break-in period will be over, so then it will be full coilover suspension, then it will be forged wheels, then it will be a BBK, then it will be a supercharger, then it will be a CF trunk, then it will be a CF hood, then it will be carbon paneling on the interior, then it will be a whole new front bumper, then it will be a matte wrap......wait, is the roof CF? If not, better get that on the list.....

So, go ahead and start with the $70 reflectors now. That way you don't have to wait through any silly break-in period, and you can get that credit card warmed up. No harm there----I promise. Oops, I forgot, without the girlfriend, you can shamelessly start spending all your spare time at the track, which of course will set you down the path of track fees, race seats, roll cage, harness, race wheels/tires, a jack, a stud conversion kit, GoPro, GPS lap timer, race pads for the BBK, helmet, race shoes, race gloves, race suit, and then all the tools and gauges needed for the track.....and then of course the car needs a wing now.....
Hahaha I don't really have that kind of $$$$

Reflectors (check)
CF grill (check)
CF ft splitters (check)
CF spoiler (check)
CF mirror covers (check)
White LED side markets (check)
CF roof (check)

Girlfriend (check)

Looking forward for the experience ..