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Originally Posted by xfirer1guy View Post
Getting ready to replace mine too and I cant figure out what #21 is or if its needed. Anybody know if its on M3's or 3 series with Aero package? It says M Aerodynamics, but a google search returned little if any useful info. Its highlighted green in the parts catalog like its applicable to my car, but my guess it its for non-M3 cars with the Aero package. Any ideas?

Fantastic thread-- just lost some of this stuff today (originally knocked loose in Austria during Euro Delivery this January,) now both sides are broken/gone/loose.

Question about the quoted portion above-- does anyone know what #21 is and if it's generally needed when these parts get damaged? Last time car was up on lift I *think* I saw the part listed as 21 as partially broken/indented as well (again, from the Austria damage.) It's for 2012 M3 cabrio.

Have already ordered the other parts.

Any help most appreciated!

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