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Originally Posted by cssnms View Post
Let me say this again,,, GM/Chrysler would not have gone out of business had Uncle Sam not stepped in to buy union votes. Further Ford would not have folded because some plastics manufacturer went out of business.

And I don't care who it "started" under, the Federal Govt needs to stay out of the private sector; GM, Lehman, etc...
Saying it again does not make it or you correct.

Some plastics manufacturer goes under? It parts suppliers. They supply everyone. Its not one either, its numerous.

GM and Chrysler go under, numerous parts manufacturers goes under as they no longer have the orders to continue business. Those same parts manufacturers also are a supplier to Ford. Now Ford can no longer build cars, they then go under.

You have zero idea at how tied together parts manufacturers are to all of the big three.

What you seem to not understand is the government never forced this, they begged for it. That's how bad it was. No bank was offering up loans to them. None. Do you think they wanted to beg the government instead of do it via loans from banks?

You seemingly have read Romney's 'Let Detroit Go Bankrupt' and think it is factual. The vast majority of it has been proven incorrect by independent fact checking.