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Grease and Lug Nuts

To those who know better:

Just returned from my first track day at Barber with Rezoom. Had a GREAT time, and got to meet Porschefile...awesome guy, and an even better driver....BTW thanks for taking me around the track to show me what a M3 can do in capable hands.

Anyways, back to my question. Today I put my regular set of wheels and tires back on my M3, and I noted that there was some rust on some of the lug nuts, so I go ahead and wipe it down with some grease to clean it.....

Then I reinstalled the wheel without really wiping the grease off. I go to roll the car out of the garage, and I hear some clicking noises from the wheel that I just installed and realized that I had just installed a wheel on with grease on the threads of the lug nuts.

I go ahead and remove the wheel again and wipe the grease off the threads, and reinstall the wheel....clicking noise is now gone.

My question...did I damage anything? Should I go to the dealership to have it inspected?