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Originally Posted by ILSMKU View Post
My custom made 250w per channel David Navone LOC landed and so far its working great! Its not pretty, but it does its job. Its so big that the they could not put a plastic case around it (they didn't have one big enough), so they used some very thick shrink wrap to protect it. I just taped it down next to my stock AMP. I played some music for a good hour or so straight and it didn't even get warm to the touch (stock amp did though). Hopefully this will solve my issues for good!

I honestly think this LOC sounds MUCH better than the LC2i. I think both of the David Navone LOCs I have/had sounded better. The LC2i seems to float or roll the bass to much. Even with Accubass off and the bass dial all the way down, the LC2i would just roll the bass much to long for my liking. So in a way, I'm happy the LC2i didn't work for me.

My old David Navone LOC took some time to melt, so I will montior this for some time. But according to David, there is no way this one is going to melt. Its a MONSTER! LOL.

Thanks to David Navone for taking my call and making me this one off custom LOC! If anyone is interested obtaining one, please call him directly. I wont mention price, but its NOT expensive at all!

I sent you an email some time ago... check the harness just in case one of its wires is making contact with the chassis somehow.

If all is well then I may replace the LC2i with this new Navone LOC in my harnesses if this ends up being the permanent solution. I never liked the LC2i (that Acubass circuitry is useless in our cars) anyways but everything else failed... until the LC2i itself failed as well.