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Shipping car for a road trip in Europe

I have this crazy project for a while now...
Basically I want to take my 135i to Europe, for a great road trip. That would include driving in Germany, going to the Nurburgring, maybe SPA-Francorchamps, the Stelvio pass, south of France, Italy, and pretty much anywhere with great roads... The list can get pretty long.

I plan to do it for a month, so I have also time to see my family and friends. Renting a car in Europe could be an option, but :
a) Renting a car with similar levels of performance will be insanely expensive, unless I missed something (around 300 euros per day..!)
b) I don't think I can even get close to a race track with a rental car
c) I prefer to drive my own car over there, it feels a lot more special .

So there we go, the idea is to ship my car there, and back. I'm starting to get some quotes from shipment companies, I'm hoping to get it below 2000$ there and back.

Is there anyone out there who did something similar?
Also, my car is a lease... Apparently I need to get an official statement by BMW saying that it's OK to ship my car. I'm going to contact them soon, but if someone has details on that, let me know