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Originally Posted by Transfer View Post
^^That's a great shot. lol at the Tiguan in the front.
Yes, we were not able to move it. It was apparently the car of Richard's niece and she was out of town :-(

Originally Posted by mikentosh View Post
BTW FrenchBoy, I sure liked the look of your brake setup. If I was tracking mine more than 3 times a year I'd probably pull the trigger on something similar.

I also noticed that you and I were the only E9X cars without iDrive. People like their nav systems in the Pacific NW I guess Down in the Bay Area it's more like 50% I see with a single hump.
Thanks for the compliments. I track a lot - about 12 times a year - so this has been an awesome upgrade. I like the cleaner look of the non-iDrive as well.

I am sorry I didn't realize you came all the way from san Jose. CA. That's amazing and really cool. Did you come just for this event? I wish I had talked to you.
We need to have a Most Traveled award next year as this event is getting bigger and bigger. I was really pleased with the turnout and the quality of the cars.

Thanks much for coming. You made my day.

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