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Originally Posted by fourier View Post
I'm always open to improving my understanding, and I'm not afraid to yield that I'm wrong; I understand that even if I am highly logical, rational, and analytical, it doesn't mean that I'm without fault. My ideal country is one in which the average intelligence is much higher than the current average (i.e., leave the stupid people to destroy themselves, and only take the intelligent ones after proving themselves), run by philosophers, scientists, and logicians, not politicians, only allowing people of intelligence and good moral character in. There is no place like this, and as long as there are greedy, war-mongering, oppressive, power seeking people, I don't see it happening.

So, where are you moving to?

Your ideal country sounds a bit like utopia, and a bit like fascism. How do you exile the undesirables? The only way I could see something like that work is in a large nation with a VERY minimalist federal and state government. Then, each city could run itself, almost like a city-state like Singapore or the old Venice. That way, one city could be communist, another Libertarian, another agrarian, another anarchist, another socialist, etc. etc. I don't see the communist ones surviving very long unless they're under, say, 150 people. The nucleus of these city states would have to be a wealthy rich guy who buys a huge swath of land, or a corporation of individuals who pool their resources to do the same. Competition would bring all the producers to the more free, libertarian city states for the most part, but then you'd have barbarian hordes made of the stupid and the criminal roaming the frontiers and hinterlands. Of course, they would probably turn to violence and pillage, in which case nearby city states threatened by the barbarians would probably band together, regardless of political affiliation, to put 'em down. You wouldn't want them to overthrow a city and have them use their resources and weapons against you.

Sounds like an interesting movie plot.