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^^You seriously have a closed mind. If you've reached a point where trucks bother you that have been brainwashed beyong saving. Why the hell would you care what someone drives?

And how do you know what they're using the truck for? You assume you know...but you don't. And have you considered how much better they are now as far as gas mileage/etc?

I had my truck in Germany and I saw plenty around. When I put my truck up for sale, I had sooo many Europeans that wanted it. And it sold quick to a German. They want them...they just don't have the access or the money for them like we do.

And as far as gas prices? So we can't complain huh? Why? Just because the European continent has insane gas taxes? So we should live like them huh....why the hell should we care what they're doing? BTW, the U.S. is MUCH bigger. When gas prices skyrocket FOR NO REASON...the prices of EVERYTHING go up. And we get no warning of this. So I'd say that's a good reason to complain.

And another far as driving....what about the big trucks that drive around over there? Gas trucks/supply trucks/etc.? If it's such a nightmare, then why do the Europeans still use them? They have to drive through all the towns just like everyone else. Somehow they're able to get around.

To me, brainwased people like you in this world really scare me. And there are more and more like you. It'd be one thing if you could actually have a friendly, well spoken, articulate debate about strong opinions you have. But no, you sould like a typical crazy left person who's brainwashed and thinks the European way of the world is the only way. It's to the point where you hate people who drive trucks. Seriously man...take a step back....take a deep breath and THINK about these things a little longer...and maybe you'll realize you're not always right...
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