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Originally Posted by Trevor .:R View Post
Hey guys thinking of going boost. But i like to hear the sound. I was told you can plug the hose to make the car sound like a whistling or what not sound. I was wondering if anyone has done this. Let me know please and videos would be nice !

if you're buying boost for the BOV sound, you are def a ricer. But to answer your question, the M3 has no MAF sensor so you really don't need to recirculate the air back into the intake (look at AA setup, one BOV and one Bypass valve). Different valves make different pitched noises (HKS SSQV, TIAL, etc.) but it will never sound like a turbo setup would. You would just need to change the flange on the pipe/manifold and you can run any BOV you want. The HKS Super Sequential is very loud and high pitched whereas others make a whooosh noise when throttle is closed.