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People that drive huge ass trucks for the novelty of it ARE the problem with the world. One word, selfish. I understand if you are a working man and need the truck to perform your job but in my experience that has got to be <15% of truck owners I've met. So glad to no longer be in Texas where that selfish attitude has completely taken over and everyone and their mom drives an overly large truck for no reason other than "why not? free country" and perhaps some false sense of manhood. As far as europeans all wishing they had trucks you have got to be out of your fucking mind. The only trucks here are the VERY few for the working man and they are half the size of the trucks I've seen in the states being driven by teenagers and moms alike. Good luck trying to even drive one of those bohemoths in Europe as they wont even fit on the streets. And complaining about gas prices? Americans have no right to even consider that. But like it was already mentioned here, the American mindset is already so fucked there is no hope to change that. Well there is my 2 cents... /rant