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If I were you, I would go with the M3. I don't care what anyone says, the 911 is not a good DD car. I have a 997 Turbo which I love but absolutely hate craming my golf clubs in the back seat (and that is just one indicate that you need room for two). It is a royal PIA. I don't DD my 997 Turbo as it just isn't condusive due to various reasons (lack of space, noise, etc.) I DD my 4Runner and I think after 12 months of driving it as my DD that will be about all I can take. Come Spring time I will most likely sell the 997 Turbo and go back to an E92 M3 and SC it with ESS and use it as my DD and use the 4Runner for crappy weather/hauling the dog.

Your price for a '12/'13 at $60K seems a bit low to me. An '11 is certainly attainable at $60K.

The Z06 is not a "one car" type either (speak from experience here as well). The car can be frightening on dry pavement. On wet surfaces and even an inkling of snow the car is useless.

CTS-V --- while nice perfromance wise just doesn't do it for me looks wise.

GT-R -- ride quality and interior noises would kill it for me as a DD.

Think about an RS5 or MB C63 AMG?

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