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I drove a Porsche, the V6 and to be honest... it was pretty bland, the styling inside and out wasn't that great and the V6 was slow as BALLS! The Grand Cherokee is great off road but a no no everywhere else. I know too many people who have had them and seen constant brake problems, transmission issues, transfer case... all kinds of crap go wrong with them, now the Cherokee and Wrangler are very strong... not the Grand though, besides I want something I get into and it's "OoOo nice"... with bluey VW interior lights or shiney cool things haha, I have ALWAYS loved VW interior lights... I hate GREEN or ORANGE, EW! WTF... I see it all the time, it's important as superficial as it sounds I don't want to see anymore green f'ing Jeep or Ford or Chevrolet interiors. BLAHKKKKK!