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M3 Supercharged/modded vs 911, F80 M3, GTR....

I currently have a 335 fully modded. I am not putting another dime into it. It does really perform well, but it is not up to the performance standard that I wanted.

- minimum 550 hp
- no shimmy when under full throttle - has to brake and accell in a straight line (my 335 doesn't do that)
- full comforts - 335 is the standard for all the creature comforts
- 2 sets of golf clubs mandatory
- Canadian winter driven in the snow - 4 snows go on

I THINK my next car should be this (used prices in US$):

2012/2013 M3 Comp ($60k) with the following mods: $60k
1) E9x M3 VT2-625 Intercooled Supercharger System: $14k
2) Coilovers - say the KW V3s, with camber plates: $3.5k
3) Akrapovic Evolution Titanium Exhaust System for BMW E9X M3 - $6k
4) Stoptech Big Brake Kit E90 E92 E93 M3: Front/rear - $6k
5) Rims/Tires - 265/275 PSS rubber on comp rims: $1.5k

All prices are ball park from HPA, ESS and Tire Rack

The total would be rather large:
Car: $60k
Mods: $31k

This car would be $91k - no tax on anything yet.

Now: lets compare this Uber M3 to the (used) competition: (using autotrader)

1) 2012 911 (991) - $99k

2) 2013 GTR - 92k

3) 2012 Corvette Z06 - $83k

4) Caddie CTS-V Coupe: $63k

5) Wait for the 2014 F80 M3

I need golf clubs in the car.... and yes, this is a show stopper - I don't care what anybody says. I want 1 car, but it has to be somewhat useful like my 3 series is now.

911 is pretty much out - which is really sad, I love the 991.

Not sure if I get 2 sets of clubs in a GTR - can you?

Corvette would work and it would pretty much be the same performance as
the modded M3.

I guess the caddie CTS V is in there too... but would have to be modded... check that, I don't think it would be in the league with the modded M3, and I don't really like them that much.

My questions are:
1) What is in the running?
2) Is my price on the modded M3 too high?
3) can you drive a GTR in the winter?
4) Can you drive a corvette in the winter? I hear the rain is bad enough and it turns into a death trap.

I guess where I could compromise on the M3 to get cost down a bit:
- Keep stock brakes
- Supercharger stays though, the stock M3 needs more grunt - but can you get this cheaper?
- I could just get springs and camber plates
- exhaust and tires stay.

What do you guys think? Are there other options for a SINGLE car? I don't want get 2 cars so don't propose it.

I could wait for the F80 M3 - I have time... but that car would have to be modded to get the power up too. Twin turbo will certainly be modable.... to probably insane numbers.
2014 BMW F32 435iX - all stock. Soon to be full bolt ons with JB4, ER Intercooler, intake, catless DPs, KW V?, 437M Reps, 245/275 Michelin PS4S

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