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Originally Posted by ucfsteven
I received the SOS malfuction light (SOS with a line through it) when this happened my Idrive would not work at all. There was no fuction of the radio CD player, Satelite radio climate control, naviagation or anything.

I pressed the SOS button and got an operator on the phone.

They told me that it means there is a POOR CELL SIGNAL in my area right now and it will correct itself. She also explaiend to me that the idrive functions work on this principle as well and if I have a poor cell area none of this will work because the SOS does not work.

This seems a bit insane to me. I walked back outside after parking my car and checked 15 minutes later everything works find now.

Has anyone else heard this as a reason for the SOS with the line through it? A poor cell signal?!
Had this happened several times on my 2006 650. Turned out that when the battery is discharge at a certain level the system shuts down non essential power hungry items. This according to the BMW tech. If you shut the car down and restart it will correct itself or if you drive it for a while. Try trickle charging the battery. Also had it happened to our 2009 3 series convertible. According to BMW it has nothing to do with Bluetooth or the phone signal. It's the battery. Traded both cars in for the 2013 M6 convertible. Hope this helps.