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He is guilty of supreme stupidity for the brazen manner in which he exposed certain things.

It amazes me how naive some people can be, like they are a 5 year old who has no grasp of how the world really works...

(for better or for worse; not saying it's always great the world is that way, but until I can stop it from being like that, I am doing myself no favors at all if I dont respect the unpleasant fact that it does work that way, and behave accordingly)

Whatever they fabricate to leverage some loophole, is really no different than getting Al Capone for tax evasion or whatever they could stick to him.

Frankly, if he had been free to move about as he pleased all this time instead of hiding, I'd bet the farm that he would have been involved in some "accident" or something by now.... I mean really, if you embarrass and expose entities of that magnitude without ensuring your anonymity, then if you dont expect consequences then you are not very bright at all.